Talent Management For Tomorrow’s Stars and Nurturing Self-Confidence ft. FRNDLY CEO/Founder and Host Jacob Wittenberg

On the fourth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee unpacks the journey of Jacob Wittenberg, Founder and Podcast Host of FRNDLY, an independent media group comprised of future creators, communicators, entrepreneurs, and artists. A young visionary his passions for music led him to be empathetic for the unrepresented.

At the end of the day, the only person that is the energy and the fuel to the fire of what you’re doing is you. – Jacob Wittenberg. 
Far too often, we deem our passions as our “hobbies.” A Boston University Senior graduate and avid singer/songwriter, he realized that no one was going to hand him a record label. And he wasn’t alone. We wait for people to enable us to pursue dreams (i.e. a management firm or a social media blow-up). If we broke down those barriers, how far could we actually go? 
So, how can you walk your unique path with courage? Listen to the episode to find out.

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Support: frndlymedia.com, @frndlymedia on socials, @jacobwittenberg on Instagram, and Jake Brewer for music

Hosted by
Dasom Lee

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