Innovating New-Age Feminine Care Products and Sustaining Her Wellness ft. Honey Pot Founder and CEO Beatrice Dixon

On the tenth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee resonates deeply with Beatrice Dixon, the Founder and CEO of Honey Pot, the first plant-based feminine care line. A spiritual being wrapped up in skin, she innovates new-age products. Simply put, her mission is to improve lives—through pillars of cleanliness, efficaciousness, vibrance, and good energy.

“I’m working really hard in my present moments to maintain my wellness, mindfulness, mindlessness, and to be grateful I’m here right now.– Beatrice Dixon.
Her first job was at McDonald’s. Her drive and hustle are in her blood, but she built her muscle of a work ethic. In Atlanta, she used to work 2-3 jobs for mere sustenance. After her bacterial vaginosis infection, she formulated a product that healed her. The key? Clean ingredients. Channeling empathy and humility always, she dreams of initiating radical and safe conversations that can normalize vaginal health.

So, how can put your self-worth first and reap the benefits of mental clarity? Listen to the episode to find out.

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Support: @iambeadixon and @thehoneypotco on Instagram,, & Honey Pot Co products available in stores everywhere

Hosted by
Dasom Lee

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