His Audacious Climb From Mowing Lawns To An 8-Figure Business ft. Student Works Head Coach and Leaders Of Tomorrow Host Chris Thomson

On the eighth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee spills valuable truth with the Head Coach at Student Works Management Program and Host of Leaders Of Tomorrow podcast, Chris Thomson. Over four decades of entrepreneurial fire later he can recognize a prolific leader when he sees one.

“There are so many small things that can make a difference. It’s becoming an overnight success story in decades. There’s so many iterations, improvements…like climbing a mountain range– Chris Thomson.

He encapsulated his “why” with a hairy, audacious goal: to create a thousand millionaires. His company does just thatwith hungry students. It’s about value creation. North America is an incredible market: resources and needs are abundant. There’s a lot of content, but a lack of context. He’s learned the hard way, from debt crises to 18 million dollars projected this past year. 

So, how can you climb your mountain each day? Listen to the episode to find out.

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Dasom Lee

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