From Rare Disease Diagnosis To Her Book Blowing Up ft. But You Don’t Look Sick Nonprofit Founder and Host Melody Olander

On the fourteenth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee opens up with Melody Olander, founder of nonprofit But You Don’t Look Sick, Host of Real Talk with Melody, and Author of “But You Don’t Look Sick.” After this four-word phrase became a point of connection for her and her 40K+ followers, she became a voice for the chronically ill community.

“How do you expect people to know your story if you don’t tell your story? “ – Melody Olander.
At 17, her symptoms developed overnight. Years later, Melody was diagnosed with CIDP, a rare neurological disorder. When her trembling hands prohibited her ability to draw, she began sketching. This evolved into her book, “But You Don’t Look Sick.” Organically, her platform grew and her story resonated. A Biological Sciences and Healthcare Solutions graduate, her nonprofit is an uplifting community for patients with invisible and chronic symptoms. 

So, how can you activate change in YOUR community?  Listen to the episode to find out.

Join the movement.

Support: Subscribe and donate at, listen to her podcast Real Talk with Melody, follow @butyoudontlooksickofficial on Instagram, and shop merch.
Hosted by
Dasom Lee

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