Transforming Businesses As A Clinical Psychologist and Channeling Intention ft. Rhodes Smith Consulting CEO and Author Dr. Ian Brooks

On the twelfth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets intentional with Dr. Ian Brooks, Chief Executive and Founder of Rhodes Smith Consulting, clinical psychologist, and author of soon-to-be-released book Intention. He’s amassed over two decades in the organization development and human capital field—he knows why people “tick.”

“Trust the value that you bring and stay true to that value, knowing that it will evolve. It will continuously grow as you grow as an individual. ” – Dr. Ian Brooks.
As a people-savvy psychologist, he’s reinvigorated businesses of all sizes in their transformations. When he sensed a lay-off, he propelled himself into his own venture as a solopreneur. Over 10-12 years, he’s consciously shaped his intentionality and refined his valuable methodologies. His reality check? He wasn’t as good as he thought it was. Today, his masterpiece of a book was made possible by his painfully honesty moments.

So, how can you nurture your humility? Listen to the episode to find out.

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Dasom Lee

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