Exponential Technologies, Safepreneurship In Leadership & The Digital World ft. Nokia Solution Architect Doug Hohulin

On the ninth episode of Radically Honest Season 2, your host Dasom Lee gets technical with Nokia Solution Architect Doug Hohulin. Doug is a trailblazing futurist that helps people navigate both physical & digital worlds. An expert on 5G, 6G, XR, VR, Cybersecurity, and more—he’s a surefire connector to people, information, and things of value. 

“I’m really excited about the future, and how to leverage the lessons learned in the past for the future.– Doug Hohulin.

Over 32 years at Motorola and Nokia, he’s engaged in “safepreneurship,” even landing a $700 million 2G project cited by The Wall Street Journal. 7 million people in the world had a cellphone at the time. 25 years later, 8 billion people do. Now that’s an exponential technology! Today, the cellular business is worth $4 and a half trillion worldwide. From autonomous vehicles to VR, the opportunity for technological innovation is abundant.

So, how can you apply systems thinking in your business? Listen to the episode to find out.

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