EP 9: Why Let Failure Fuel Growth? ft. Kreator eCommerce CEO and eCommerce Entrepreneur Kevin Zhang

On the ninth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee enters into fiery conversation with CEO of the world’s first comprehensive eCommerce Incubation Program—Kreator eCommerce—and serial eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, and educator Kevin Zhang. At 23, he became the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council and a Forbes 30 under 30 member. Effortlessly, he demystifies complex topics for those less-versed in entrepreneurship. Fear not—the value in this episode is unquestionably potent. 

A son of Chinese immigrants, Kevin chased the American Dream. The problem was, it wasn’t his dream. After receiving a job offer more competitive than admittance into Harvard from the esteemed consulting firm McKinsey, he felt an anticlimactic weight of societal “success” on his shoulders.

As his college career at Vanderbilt trickled to a close, the tragic loss of a mentor figure kickstarted his realization that he needed fulfillment in his career now, not in the future. Obsessed with automating processes and optimizing his time, he delved into all the various techniques of entrepreneurship preached by gurus online. That’s when he discovered a gold mine in the rapidly growing eCommerce industry. 

“Good today, or even bad today, is a thousand times better than the potential of something great tomorrow. – Kevin Zhang.

His methodology is simple: create an eCommerce business that’s not only branded legitimately but that will grow on its as own as consumers flock to retail online. He teaches his students to create lifestyles of abundance, not short stints of financial gain. And what fuels his confidence? It comes from how he relishes in failure, as long as those mistakes never happen again. How he believes in learning before educating, as value always floats to the top.

So, how can you make your income work for you? Listen to the episode to find out.

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