EP 8: Why Monetize Your Talents? ft. Marketing Design Studio CEO Kaitlin Ortega

On the eighth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee breaks down the entrepreneurial journey of Marketing Design Studio CEO, Communications Consultant, Branding Coach, and military wife Kaitlin Ortega. A grand leap of faith displaced her from her corporate 9 to 5 job into navigating a fresh small business in an industry with rapidly increasing demand.  Lean in—her energy is delightful and her advice will streamline the early stages of your venture. 

Juggling the duty-filled life of a military wife and a demanding corporate job with a Texas A&M Communications degree and English minor, Kaitlin was drained chasing other people’s dreams. She decided to define her own destiny in life. With a love for painting, she tested the waters by selling watercolor paintings to fund an El Salvador mission trip.

Ideation began. Beginning as a Communications Consultant, she quickly learned the value of the pivot. Redefining is a tool often employed by entrepreneurs. Niche down so your services will be sought after. Investing time with persistence, she seamlessly translated her passion for art into profitable skillsets: graphic design, website-building, coding, and more for small businesses elevating their brands.

“You have to believe in your business more than anyone else. So much that you’re willing to cast aside fear, doubt, and negativity. – Kaitlin Ortega. 

Although valuable experiences, she found a traditional workplace unfulfilling. From State Farm Customer Service Representative to a boutique’s Manager to a home loan company’s Marketing Assistant, she’s dabbled in several jobs. Eventually, her faith carried her into letting her free-spirited, independent, and creative nature bloom into her studio.

Be fearless. Expect failure. It is inevitable, but one thing remains the same: you are your own boss. Work hard even when your client count is low. Fuel everything you have into being ahead. Have people join your journey. Give generously and ask for advice often. 

So, ready to translate your gifts into a career that works for you? Listen to the episode to find out.

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