EP 7: Why Let Passion Drive You? ft. USA Today Bestselling Author Renée Carlino

On the seventh episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee untangles the story of screenwriter, USA Today Bestselling Author, and California native Renée Carlino. Seven years later, she has an invested readership and twelve whimsical but heart-wrenching novels in the Contemporary Romance genre. Listen closely as a love story unfolds—of herself and her joyous mediums—to birth delectable pieces of art.  

Her writing career did not develop through classical training. As a Film major graduate with an emphasis on Cinematography, she fell in love and into the career of an English teacher, prioritizing her family. Her life was unexpectedly…quiet. At age 35, she took a step of faith in her leisure time to explore, simply because she savored the process. I wasn’t sure if it was even read-able, she voiced her doubts. 

What was? Her first self-published novel written in six weeks—Sweet Thingpersonifying two 20-something musicians in a whirlwind romance. The way music feeds her soul, her love affair with New York City, and daydreaming in the hours her toddlers napped, all bubbled up inside of her to cultivate something truly moving. Her novels embody coming-of-age themes and are flurry with humane realities and dissect-able truths behind interpersonal relationships. 

“Your effort and your joy will be super evident in your finished product. – Renée Carlino. 

Time is often the most precious currency within her black-and-white pages, especially in my favorite book titled Wish You Were Here. She discusses her mentality of what’s the next pinnacle of success? progressing into a mature sense of present satisfaction. Overcoming comparison and insecurity not easy, but you can relieve the pressure. Cherish a support system that uplifts you with the faith you lack. 

As an author, what happens when an accident affects the center of your brain where language is developed? It renders you with doubt. You realize that wow, this remarkably special and natural gift you possessed is not shared by the masses. Pinpoint that in your life. And, have the courage to laugh at yourself.

So, ready to reap the fruits of your labor by watering them with passion? Listen to the episode to find out.

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