EP 6: Why Be Authentic Online? ft. Intuitive Coach and Manifest It Sis Host Dani Faust

On the sixth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee falls into deep conversation with Intuitive and Life and Wellness Coach, former blogger and blog-business mentor, metaphysical practitioner, and Manifest It Sis podcast Host Danielle Faust. Get comfortable and sink into her introspective mantras. After the first few minutes, you’ll realize her vulnerability is profound—prepare to be inspired. 

When prodded on her why, the first thing out of her lips was her children. Graduating with a Health major and a double minor in Psychology and English, a sudden motorcycle incident left her husband bedridden with a toddler at home. Juggling the difficulties of a second pregnancy as the now-primary breadwinner, Danielle sprinted in her business journeyincentivized by the need to survive. 

Her streams of income?  Diversified with the occasional sponsorship with oh, you know, Disney. Her podcast empowers all people, but specifically women of color, to own the potential they possess within and break down their mental barriers. Notably, she also experienced a spiritual awakening that changed her life and re-informed her purpose as a guru, which she leverages to coach other women.

“Here’s the industry standard and here’s what I’m doing. When in doubt, be yourself. You are the differentiator. – Danielle Faust. 

Her stories are awe-inspiring. “I am not a victim. I am not weak. I’m capable. I’m strong. I can do the hard things,” she boldly declared in discussing her battle with postpartum rage,  a stage of her life when her anxiety reached its peak and therapy was unaffordable, and much more. Danielle is not holding back, because she knows the truth. Her power lies in her response to the struggle. Her brand is golden because it vibrates out waves of palpable authenticity.  

In the end, she grasps onto gratitude and encourages herself and others to lead with love. The hardest of struggles to overcome are often the most invisible and concealed. Danielle unpacks her epiphanies with a mature level of mental clarity that can only be achieved through peacewith her past. 

So, what methodologies can you latch onto to center and trigger your purpose? Listen to the episode to find out.

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