EP 5: Why Persevere When You Feel Like Giving Up? ft. Vize CTO and FB Engineer Julian Alvarez

On the fifth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee collaborates with Infinite Minds Podcast Host, CTO of the startup Vize, and Software Engineer at Facebook—Entrepreneur and Professional—Julian Alvarez. Our youngest guest at 23 years old, his journey toward success has had many twists and turns. You’ll want to swallow his bite-sized takeaways, that perfectly balance practicality and necessary optimism. Hold onto your earbuds—it gets interesting. 

Indisputably,  entrepreneurship is glorified in our day and age. What you aren’t exposed to online are the behind-the-scenes barriers to sustenancelow company morale, personal challenges, team member turn-over, etc. So how do you possibly keep going? Julian declares this: your mission must be solidified. It must appeal to you at your core. It must be worth it. And most importantly, it must go beyond yourself. 

Get your hands dirty. It took investing time listening to the stories of Tijuana factory workerswho are suffering from broken promises from employers, unsafe working conditions, and a lack of base-level respectto revive and root his belief that this startup was more than worth it.

Can your business idea’s legacy outlast you? Chasing learning opportunities like Tony Robbins seminars or silent retreats pushed him further to create a sustainable lifestyle that not only nourishes his capacity for success, but the potential of his work to help others find quality employment in third-world countries. Now this is the truth: Vize is worth hearing about.  

“The only failure in life is the failure to learn – Julian Alvarez.

Moreover, his resumé has accumulated an impressive portfolio of companies. Goldman Sachs. LinkedIn. Facebook. What’s surprising is that this all sprouted from one major rejection: the Silicon Valley giant Google. Julian realized that what is painful now can only benefit you in the future. Why? Because reconciliation is not only possible, but beneficial, when you take what you learned and simply invest it elsewhere.  Don’t settle, but don’t give up either.

So, how can you not be a victim to your circumstance but a warrior of your why? Listen to the episode to find out.

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