EP 3: Why Be Humble? ft. KPMG Australia/China Partner Gary Nowak

On the third episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee brings in this week’s Professional—Gary Nowak—global consulting leader and former Partner at KPMG Australia and KPMG China. His impressive career and riveting stories will keep you on your feet.

A first-generation college student from Detroit, Gary took a leap of faith and moved to LA post-grad—finance degree in hand. After decades of global experience, he is now a coach striving to guide, mentor, and develop young professionals.  If you want to pursue a career in professional services or be successful at any company, tune in.  

Gary compiled resumés and worked for free his first week as a receptionist at a small production company. His diligence, sincere work ethic, and desire to deliver caught the attention of many. He eventually left the comfort of home in the US, embarking on unfathomable adventures and challenges across the world in offices from Glasgow, United Kingdom, Shanghai, China, to Melbourne, Australia. How do you lead when expectations are unrealistically high and support is low? His mantras are simple but powerful. 

Mold this idea into your head: no one owes you anything. Let humility seep from your actions and uphold your moral character. The more responsibility you are given, the more questions you need to ask. Understand your audience, and specifically the generations that preceded youbecause they’re the ones hiring. 

My mindset shifted from “just roll your sleeves up and get in there” to “ask for help when you need it”” – Gary Nowak.

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, this episode will equip you with the right attitude and unfiltered stories of leadership, overcoming cultural differences, how to become the change you want to see in your environment, and more.

And the best part? Gary is available as “Gary P. Nowak” on LinkedInand his mentorship efforts will soon be multiplied as he shares his widespread wisdom unto university campuses.

So, how can you climb up the corporate ladder without losing yourself? Listen to the episode to find out.

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