EP. 16 From Server To TV Show Production, On Set With Ariana Grande, & Defeating Your Ego ft. Interdisciplinary Artist Sebastián Sada

On the sixteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee receives poignant anecdotes from interdisciplinary artist (photography and videography), abstract storyteller, and Production enthusiast Sebastián Sada. His claim to fame was on the set of Ariana Grande’s record-breaking “thank u, next” music video. Now manifesting his dreams as a Director’s Assistant for an emerging show on The CWthis episode is worthy of your attention. 

In college, he was flooded by celebrities in a peak experience as a London Alley Entertainment intern. On set, it’s human to human. Everyone is alike and working toward a unified goal. Thereafter as a UT Radio Television Film graduate, ambiguity clouded his future. An “ego death” ensued. Waiting tables in Austin, TX, he eventually was cast as an extra on a television show called “SKAM Austin.” Networking his way up, he’s climbed the career ladder one step at a time.

Your inclination that all is rosy and whimsical on set is not the full picture—production is manual labor. It’s grueling, 12-14 hour days, and job instability is a given in the profession. The glossy music video or charming film scene gracing your screen demanded blood, sweat, and tears behind-the-scenes. Therefore, optimism and a tenacious work ethic are essential. Insecurity must be overtaken by faith in your creative assets. 

“Your passion is everything. And your success hinges upon how passionate you are about your work. – Sebastian Sada.

Never forget your roots. The influence of your upbringing can gift you with an inimitable perspective, which can substantially materialize in your art. Leverage humility and bask in gratitude even in unprecedented circumstances. And never lose heart. A year can take you further than you imagined. So, how can you express humanity in your work? Listen to the episode to find out.

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