EP. 15 Building The World’s #1 Fitness App for Swimming and Evolving in the Pandemic ft. MySwimPro CEO/Co-founder Fares Ksebati

On the fifteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee converses with CEO and Co-founder of technology and media company MySwimPro, Founder of World Swim Day, and Consumer Technology Forbes 30 under 30 recipient Fares Ksebati. In cultivating the #1 fitness app worldwide for swimmers, he’s made his mark as a first-generation Americanlisten up for his tell-all. 

A three-time U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion, his love for aquatic sports developed at an early age. His vision to replace the in-person coach with a powerful progress-tracking mobile tool (synergized by expertise and workout plans) was organically contrived. “I’m no Michael Phelps or Bob Bowman,” he said, expressing moments of doubt and Imposter Syndrome. Here’s the catch: users care less about your credentials and more about the value you yield. Be a coach, not the expert.

His parents being immigrants from Damascus Syria, he understands the universal benefits swimming offers the masses. His app creation now dominates in over 150 countries with over a million users. In his TED Talk titled “Idea to App of the Year,” he quotes the infamous Bill Gates: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” The bumps in the road are inevitable, but don’t let the mountains crush you. 

“Take a step back, analyze the situation, figure out what your options are, and move forward. – Fares Ksebati.

During the global pandemic, pools shut down. How do you react? You adapt—primitively grow with the tide. What’s next for him? An entrepreneurship YouTube Channel quickly building traction and a book launching early 2021. So, how can you become a master of execution? Listen to the episode to find out.

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