EP. 13 Why Stay Real In A Filtered World? ft. YouTuber and Gals On The Go Host Brooke Miccio

On the thirteenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee chitchats with relatable next-door Influencer, YouTuber, and Gals On The Go Podcast Host Brooke Miccio. A 23-year-old University of Georgia graduate living it up in the Big Apple, her adoring fanbase boasts 231K subscribers on her channel and 97K Instagram followers. An avid content consumer herself, she keeps it real onlineall attention on this audio.

2011 marked the beginning of her journey with a “Sleepaway Camp: What To Pack & Much More!” video nine years ago. A YouTube early adopter, she grew her platform out of pure innocence—driven by eager devotion to the latest trending topics. Little did she know: this would blossom into a full-time career after her dissatisfaction with her post-graduate technology sales job. 

“We used to be doing things just for Instagram versus now we document our reality, and that’s a way better strategy. – Brooke Miccio.

Humanize your next-door influencer. They maintain personal lives outside of your screens. She works hard to cultivate real bonds with her following by discussing hard topics like body positivity. Her heart warms with gratitude for the “friends” not fans that have stood alongside her for nearly a decade. 

If a brand deal is your incentive for beginning an Influencer journey, you may be prioritizing the wrong things. Build up a digital brand for 6 months to a year simply out of creative zest. So, how can you simultaneously connect while disconnecting to stay true to yourself? Listen to the episode to find out.

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Dasom Lee

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