EP. 12 Why Break Free Of Imposter Syndrome? ft. Your Host Dasom Lee and friends

On the twelfth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee digs deep into the realities of Imposter Syndrome in the lives of two college seniors in opposite industries: technical software engineering and creative journalism. Plot twist: it’s her boyfriend and her best friend. Your head won’t stop noddingif you’ve ever felt like a fraud putting on a show, you’re definitely not alone. 

Oh no! They’ll realize I’m not good enough! When the curtains open, you’ll shatter everyone’s expectations, right? No. Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where an individual doubts their gifts, abilities, or accomplishments, cultivating an internalized fear of being exposed. Ingrained in us from childhood, you may fear that one extraordinary performance will be followed by a mediocre one. Thereafter? Defeat. Sounds illogical. 

“Go at everything with an outrageous, unreasonable confidence and let the chips fall where they may. – Emma Garza.

Although isolating, this phenomenon is relatable by the masses. Ever attribute your successes to situational aspects? Ever admire others and feel your intelligence, competence, or talents and wither in comparison? It’s time to change your perspective. Periodically pursue feedback from credible mentors, and use that as a reality check. Perhaps you’re fully delusional and overly self-critical—or the areas you lack in, you can target for growth. Stop performing, and start contributing real value. 

“Anything that has been achieved in this world started with a belief that it was possible. – Julian Alvarez.

So, how can you twist Imposter Syndrome to benefit you? Listen to the episode to find out.

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