EP. 11: Why Understand Your Value? ft. Lifestyle Influencer and Blogger Mattie James

On the eleventh episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee gets real with Lifestyle Influencer, Blogger, and Entrepreneur Mattie James. Featuring her beautiful family, @themattiejames’s picture-perfect life online exudes posh glamour. Amassing an audience to be reckoned with, her decade-long journey as a blogger is worth hearing about. Turn your volume on high—here’s a conversation (and person) you’ll fall in love with. 

Inspired by her mother’s love for magazines, Mattie dreamt of working at a magazine editorial. Her passion transcended her actions when she began her blog ten years ago. She recalls a reader warmly referring to her as an “everyday black girl.”  Relatable, her content helps her audience discover magic in the mundane everyday. Five years of hard work and retail 9-5 jobs later, she became a full-time blogger. 98K Instagram followers and a #Mattiemademedoit hashtag later, her exuberance reaches many.

“Be yourself. Tell your story. Show up as you, this is enough. – Mattie James.

Mattie fiercely believes that authenticity is the key. Trust that your followers will be impressed by who you are. After reshaping her priorities, she now experiences more peace than happiness—she’s thriving. Her openness on her and her husband’s humanity in their marriage surprised some of her followers, confirming that highlight reels are curated. Influencers are people, too.

When negotiating brand deals, you represent your value. Candid about her experiences with adversity, she notes that indirect prejudice can lead to an unfair return on your hard work. Educate yourself on the compensation your industry peers are receiving. Be professionally direct. So, how can you stand up for your worth? Listen to the episode to find out.

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