EP 10: Why Overcome The Anticlimactic Moment? ft. Your Host Dasom Lee

On the tenth episode of Radically Honest, your host Dasom Lee rides solo for the second time and delivers her own personal anecdotes on what she deems, the “Anticlimactic Moment.” Having recently accepted her post-grad job offer in her dream city of New York, she finds herself oddly defeated. What’s next? Was the vision too good to be true? Grab some coffee and get cozy—the stories that mark this episode are simply relatable. 

Our pop culture today formulates bright and filtered ideas of goals, careers, and even cities. This was true on Dasom’s first visit to New York. A realization burst through: everything seems better than it is. But what are the causes? The mentality that sets us up for immediate failure at the end of an aspirational journey?  Our perspectives and unrealistic expectations can victimize us. When you’re no longer looking up toward the peak of a mountain and you’re level, the clouds dissipate and your view becomes larger, perhaps even daunting.

“That’s when you realize—those people you looked up to with starry eyes lived lives, not moments. – Dasom Lee.

From birth, our lives are shaped by a constant upward trajectory as we grow both physically and mentally. Our performance is consistently graded. But at some point, we must realize that the journey never ends. Specifically, Generation Z individuals are accustomed to feeding off of instant gratification. The reality can be somber. Why? Because it’s just the beginning. The journey is yet to come.

It’s the satisfaction of acquiring skills and seeing your capabilities expand like a muscle that fuels us. When you achieve an accomplishment after a pattern of failure, your emotions of gratification often skyrocket. Essentially, we cannot rely on the short stints of energy—the moments. So, how will you acquire fulfillment in a life preoccupied with uphill battles and anticlimaxes? Listen to the episode to find out.

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